First-Year and B.Arch. Core Studio Projects

two computer generated architectural drawings

Images from a first-year studio project by Bushra Aumir (B.Arch. '22). Bushra Aumir / Plate

First year is a time of intensive exploration and creativity where the bounds one's understanding of architecture undergoes reorientation and redefinement.

In accompaniment with the exhibition of current first-year work located in Milstein Hall dome from October 19–21, the selected projects on display from the Department of Architecture's recently established publication, Plate, highlight some of the work from core studios, constituting years one, two, and three. The structure of the five-year undergraduate program relies on foundations formed during a student's initial defamiliarization with preconceived notions associated with architectural practice.

While this halfway point in the fall semester calls for celebrating the achievements made until this point, there remains much to explore, question, analyze, anticipate, desire, and design.

First year reminds us of the limitless bounds of imagination and how the incipient, generative methodologies thread together an education.

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