Final Project Exhibition: CRP 5670 Measured Drawing, Spring 2016

Final Projects: CRP 5670 Measured Drawing, Spring 2016

Work by Ehab Ebeib (B.S. URS '18).

Measured Drawing teaches graphic documentation for historic sites. Students learn to measure buildings and character-defining features, and then draw them freehand, in hard line with pencil, and in AutoCAD. Students are also exposed to 4x 5, large-format photography, and other graphic software packages. Most of the undergraduate and graduate students come into the class without an art or architecture background, so learning to 'see' is as critical as learning the various skills. The students select their own building to document and construct an edited narrative through their drawings of the site and its significance.

Students with work included in the exhibit Brian Cooley (M.A. HPP '18), Ehab Ebeib (B.S. URS '18), Abigail Lawton (M.A. HPP '18), Victoria Noonan (B.S. URS '18), Andrew Roblee (M.A. HPP '18), and Jennifer Rowan (M.A. HPP '18).

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