Film: The Rise and Fall of Books

Free test screening with filmmaker Jake Gorst and Buzz Spector A professor of art at Cornell, Buzz Spector's work often contains books, both as subjects and objects, and in The Rise and Fall of Books, we follow Spector during one month in the winter of 2007 as he teaches a class of art students how to use books as artmaking material and, more importantly, to think about the values that reading and collecting books contribute to society. The students transform their New York City studio/classroom into a metaphorical library, filled with constructions made out of books. One of these sculptural forms, a giant "C", composed entirely of books by Cornell faculty, staff, and students, serves as a visual representation of humanities scholarship at Cornell-a building of ideas.

Questionnaires will be passed out and a brief discussion will follow the screening.

2007, color, 59 minutes, USA
Directed by Jake Gorst with Buzz Spector


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