Ferro's Private Secrets Public Lies Featured at Conference in Peru

May 14, 2014

Private Secrets Public Lies, a project by visiting assistant professor of art Renate Ferro, was recently featured at HASTAC 2014, an international conference for the humanities, arts, science, and technology held in Lima, Peru. Hosted by the Ministry of Culture, this year's HASTAC conference was titled "Hemispheric Pathways: Critical Makers in International Networks," and convened artists, technologists, humanities academics, and government officials from both North and South America for four days in April.

Private Secrets Public Lies was inspired by international news reports whose origins were in the realm of the personal, but ended in national or international scandal. The collaborative performance and installation consists of two parts: a virtual online game and a sculptural box. Both segments ask the user to consider how the translation of private into public information can change its form, content, and meaning via the ubiquity of mass media.

The project, which was previously presented at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art in 2012, and at a conference sponsored by the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics and FOMA in Chiapas, Mexico, in 2010, assimilates all previous participants' responses in a collective archive.

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