Farzin Lotfi-Jam: My Domestic Routines

Nine rectangles display different animated interior settings. The floors are grey, the furniture is neon yellow, green, purple, and red. There are multiple animated avatars existing in the spaces.

My Domestic Routines (2022), still frame from digital simulation. image / provided

My Domestic Routines comprises a film and a physical installation. The installation displays a catalog of readily available smart products sourced from IKEA, Amazon, Google, and Wyze. A recursive routine connects these proprietary systems and casts them in a never-ending performance of detection and response. The film presents a composite image of Architecture Assistant Professor Farzin Lotfi-Jam and his home rendered through the attentive vision of the smart home industry. The film reveals how regimes of monitoring have produced a neurotic domestic subject simultaneously obsessed with seeking ever more representations of his domestic life, while securitizing himself against the imagined fears lurking in the American suburban imaginary. Our domestic routines may seem banal, even scripted and contrived. This exhibition captures a feedback loop between domestic desire, data collection, and the insidious possibilities of convenience. 

This exhibit is sponsored by The Architectural League of New York: League Prize 2022.

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