Erika Germain: A Thought Shaped Surface

Red, blue, green, and yellow lines intersecting.

A Thought Shaped Surface, featuring work by Erika Germain (M.F.A. '22), inhabits a space between the complexities of painting and writing. The show explores textual content in a painting language, translating the dimensions of theoretical, poetic, prose, and personal writing into colour, gesture, and surface. The collection of works exhibited are translations that weave the formal depths of paintings with the fabricated systems of translating textual material into visual material. A Thought Shaped Surface illuminates the possible worlds found inside the holes that exist in the fabric of language. 

During spring 2021, the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art is available to Cornell students, faculty, and staff authorized to be on campus. Please call to make an appointment to view the exhibition at (607) 255-6464, and use the side entrance (Gussman Wing) to enter the museum; the main entrance (Appel Lobby) is closed due to construction.

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