Eduardo Arroyo: Essential Complexity

Cornell in Rome Fall 2018 Lecture Series

Eduardo Arroyo holds a Ph.D. in architecture and received a master in architecture and urbanism in 1988 from the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid. Since then, he has taught and lectured around the world. He founded the No.Mad office in Amsterdam in 1989, with the headquarters moving to Madrid in 1996. Arroyo's work has received many awards and been published and exhibited in many countries. Some of the most recognized works in Spain are the Lasesarre Stadium and the Plaza Desierto in Barakaldo; the Sondika Nursery, the Levene House, and the Zafra-Uceda House in Madrid; the Arquia Bank in Bilbao; and the University of Economics EXAC in Vienna, Austria. The work of the office is gathered in the book CREATE!, in which precision, chance, and necessity are combined, always in search of the unknown.

For the last 30 years, No.Mad and Eduardo Arroyo have been creating buildings and urban structures situated between two opposite visions of reality — on one hand, a determinist world where we have to accept what is inherited and socially approved, and on the other hand an arbitrary world ruled by chance and free will. Facing this situation, No.Mad develops a series of instructions on the form of fields of probabilities that pursue the adaptability to the environment. The parameters guiding these systems are always founded within a constant exchange of information between the existing and what is yet to come. They always lead to the discovery of unexpected constructions and landscapes without aprioristic formal values.

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