DSLR Workshop: Getting the Image Right in Camera

Mountains, showing adjusted and unadjusted versions

Normal vs. Over Exposure

In this hands-on DSLR workshop, explore how to capture and produce high quality images which will significantly reduce editing time. Learn to make practical adjustments to aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance, as well as evaluate histograms to ensure proper exposure. Participants are encouraged to bring their own DSLRs and participate during demonstrations. Workshop is taught by Jennifer Gioffre, Tjaden Hall teaching support specialist.

Topics covered:

  • JPEG vs. RAW file formats: What they are and when to use each
  • Manual exposure: Aperture, shutter, and ISO
  • Histograms: How to read and evaluate for accurate exposure
  • Color balance: Settings and understanding the color temperature of various light sources

Instructor: Jennifer Gioffre

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