Dragon Day 2019

[music] Chanting by the crowd, cheers of oi oi oi, more cheer. We're in the middle of it right here. [music continues to play in background] More cheers, oi oi oi. It started about five years ago we just a bunch of physics grad students we wanted to join in. [drum beats] What would Dragon Day be without these drums man. Hey, we're moving on to Ho Plaza. Now we just have to get around those trees because the trees get thicker every year and the dragon has to deal with that. Kentucky Fried phoenix. Oi oi oi, cheers, they really made it happen [music]

Every year in March, in a tradition that goes back more than 100 years, an enormous dragon created by first-year architecture students parades across campus. Accompanied by AAP students in outrageous costumes, the dragon lumbers to the Arts Quad where it does battle with a phoenix created by rival engineering students. This rite of spring is one of Cornell's best-known traditions.

Dragon Day 2019 will be livestreamed. The parade will start at approximately 1 p.m. (schedule is subject to change); due to connectivity issues with last year's broadcast, there will be a slight delay between the start of the parade and the start of video coverage.

The parade route is as follows:

  • Leaves The Foundry around 1 p.m.
  • Travels east on University Avenue
  • Turns right (south) on East Avenue
  • Turns right (west) on Campus Road
  • Turns right (north) on South Central walkway through Ho Plaza
  • Enters the Arts Quad between Uris and Olin libraries
  • Proceeds to the north end of the Arts Quad by Sibley Hall

Enjoy videos of past Dragon Day parades on CornellCast.

Dragon Day 2019 T-shirts can now be purchased online!

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