Doug Hall: Wittgenstein's Garden and Other Recent Works

Young womanl staring into the camera wearing a yellow shirt and glasses against a black backdrop with an inverted color photograph of a crowd on the left.

Song of Myself (After Whitman) (2018), video stills, two-channel projected video installation with sound.

Doug Hall is an internationally known artist who has worked for more than 40 years in a wide range of media, including performance, installation, video, and large format photography. In the 1970s he became prominent for his collaborative work with the media art collective T. R. Uthco, which led to, among many other works, the 1976 video and installation titled The Eternal Frame (in collaboration with Ant Farm), a reenactment of the Kennedy assassination that was filmed in Dealey Plaza, Dallas. Following the dissolution of the group in 1979, Hall continued to work in video, performance, and installation, and, in the late 1980s, his interests expanded to include large format photography. His work in diverse media has been exhibited in museums in the U.S. and Europe and is included in numerous private and public collections. With Sally Jo Fifer, he edited and wrote the introduction to Illuminating Video (Aperture Books, 1991), a collection of writings on video by artists, critics, and scholars. He is professor emeritus at the San Francisco Art Institute where he taught from 1980 until 2008. He lives in San Francisco.

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