Dorte Mandrup: Conditions

a boomerang shaped building in a mountainous icy landscape

The Isfjord Center in Ilulissat, Greenland, designed by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter. photo / Mir

Strauch Visiting Critic in Sustainable Design Lecture

Dorte Mandrup, founder and creative director of Dorte Mandrup, has 25 years of professional experience and a line of internationally recognized iconic buildings to her name. Mandrup is renowned for her artistic talent and expertise in solving complex problems — offering solutions that are playful, innovative, and poetic. Mandrup works "hands-on" and in close interaction with all project teams and has design responsibility for the layout of every project in the studio. Among other professional appointments, Mandrup is a board member at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and, since 2011, has been an appointed member of the Historic Buildings Council.

Mandrup is the fall 2018 Strauch Visiting Critic in Sustainable Design. The Strauch Visiting Critic in Sustainable Design was established by Hans (B.Arch. '80) and Roger '78 Strauch to ensure that Cornell Department of Architecture students and faculty are supported in their efforts to advance research and innovative design solutions associated with consequences of global climate change.

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