Dogan Publishes New Research for Daylight Evaluation in Residential Buildings

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Residual daylight scores are derived from illumination data and direct light access over time. graphic / provided

August 15, 2017

"A New Framework for Residential Daylight Performance Evaluation," a paper coauthored by Assistant Professor Timur Dogan, architecture, and Ye Chan Park (B.Arch. '20), was presented and published at the Building Simulation 2017 conference this summer.

Dogan and Park developed this new residential daylighting score that captures essential residential daylight qualities such as access to direct sunlight within an apartment or on balconies, as well as differences in seasonal or diurnal daylight availability. Along with students in architecture, planning, civil engineering, and computer science, Dogan and Park conducted their research for the paper in AAP's Environmental Systems Lab (ESL).

Computer simulation software now allows architects and designers to predict climate-based daylight performance at an hourly resolution. According to the authors, because daylight is a valuable resource in architecture, daylighting is essential and provides psychological and physiological benefits not obtainable with electric lighting or windowless buildings.

As urban centers and populations grow, Dogan and Park argue that daylight will hold greater potential for the creation of livable and resource-efficient habitats and will continue to be sought after. The coauthors hope that the daylight score will aid architects and urban designers in optimizing building forms and provide better information in real estate transactions for existing buildings.

In addition to Park, current and recently graduated AAP students involved in the lab included Gary Esposito (M.Arch. '19); Maksis Knutins (B.S. URS ’17); Guoyu Sun (M.Arch. '18); and Jingyuan Yang (M.Arch. '18). Former students involved in ESL included Paola Cuevas (B.Arch. '17); Kate Kerbel (M.Arch. '16); Binsi Li (M.Arch.II '16); Fahir Burak Unel (M.Arch.II '16); and Junhan Zhao (M.Arch. '16).

Dogan is the lead developer of Urban Daylight, a simulation software plugin for Rhino5 and Grasshopper CAD modeling software.

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