Dixon exhibit’s Pop Druid in New Orleans

April 29, 2009

Artist and filmmaker David Dixon (M.F.A. ’10) recently exhibited his work at Antenna Gallery in New Orleans. The exhibition, Pop Druid, included a feature film and an eclectic mix of painting, sculpture, video, and photography.

The gallery work tacitly critiqued the perceived artistic traditions of pop, minimalism, expressionism, and conceptualism while exploring a range of subjects from Jackson Pollock’s grave, to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, to the ancient art of rock stacking, to Pop Tarts. 

Showing as part of the exhibition was Unloosened and Root, an elegiac film that eulogizes the death of the artist’s mother, not by telling her particular story, but by enlarging her death through allegory. This is done partially by focusing on the unusual funeral ceremony conceived by Robin Drake of New Orleans who died of cancer at the age of 32. She too was a mother, and Dixon documents as her family and friends execute her final wishes, creating an artistic collaboration between the living and the dead. Premiered at MoMA in 2005, this spring’s screening was the first in New Orleans. 

David Dixon grew up in North Carolina and has been living in New York City since 1989. In those years he has exhibited, performed, and/or screened his work in many venues including The Kitchen, Saint Mark’s Church, Galapagos, Monkey Town, Barbés, Momenta Arts, Postmasters, and the Museum of Modern Art. The Cornell University Department of Art partially funded the exhibition.

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