Diego Olvera and Michelle Chen: Construct

The images displayed in this exhibition, by Diego Olvera (B.F.A. ’13) and Michelle Chen (B.F.A. ’13), were made in response to a provocation: For almost 26 months, they and their fellow students have been witness to the transformation of their academic home.

In early 2010, with the construction of Milstein Hall underway, Rem Koolhaas mused — during a conversation with Dean Kent Kleinman — that it would be interesting to document the building through the lenses of students. At the dean’s request, the Department of Art’s photography faculty nominated Olvera and Chen to take on this challenge. They were given open access to the site, and the only instruction they received was not to duplicate what architectural photographers typically do — but rather to allow the condition of being subject to, and immersed in the process of construction over time to inform the work. 

Barry Perlus
Associate Dean
Associate Professor of Art

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