Design team creates indoor-outdoor living space

February 7, 2009

Cornell architecture graduate Ali Jeevanjee (B.Arch. ’98) was recently featured in the Home & Garden section of the Los Angeles Times for his innovative home redesign in L.A.’s bustling Chinatown neighborhood.

Jeevanjee and his business partner and wife, Poonam Sharma, are the principals of LOC Architects. The couple purchased and renovated two adjacent second-story apartments in the densely populated neighborhood with the goal of creating an open, light-filled, space where they could both work and live. 

The design centered on their desire for an outdoor eating space. They created a 17-foot-by-11-foot opening in the roof and then rebuilt a 1,000-square-foot inner-city apartment around the dining courtyard. 

“You could say that the entire apartment was designed around a table,” says Sharma. “Once we had that, everything else fell into place.”

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