Design Connect: Project Eddy Gate

rendering showing active street scene with a pillared gate in the background

A rendering shows possible public uses for the space around the Eddy Gate in Collegetown. rendering / Design Connect

The Andrew D. White Gate (commonly known as "Eddy" Gate) was built in 1896 as the grand entrance to Cornell's campus. In its heyday, it was a bustling and vibrant hub for street life, but over time, it has become underutilized and forgotten. The height of its significance has passed, but the arches remain, welcoming visitors not to the university but rather to an empty parking lot. 

As the rest of Collegetown becomes increasingly privatized and developed, the Eddy Gate stands as one of the last open public spaces left. 

In an effort to preserve the space for its originally intended use, Cornell University's Campus Planning Office has partnered with Design Connect, a student-led community design organization, to temporarily transform the corridor into a vibrant public plaza. Through "tactical urbanism" and design placemaking principles, the passageway will undergo a two-day long 'space-lift' to generate a new appreciation for Eddy Gate and inspire support and creative input towards more permanent improvements for a brighter future.

Events will include local vendors and musicians, collaborative art installations, life-sized games and more. 

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