Dennis Maher: Eternal Returns

In Demolition’s Wake, The Remains of a Future City Re-organized remains of post-industrial urban transformation will be presented in the this exhibition entitled Eternal Returns. For the past 5 years, artist and architect Dennis Maher has been mining the demolition sites of Buffalo, New York, re-assembling discarded building materials into painted and sculpted amalgams that collectively constitute a new urban core of obliterated places. Maher’s projects, executed within the vacant spaces of a city with 10,000 properties on the demolition roster, explore critical approaches to demolition, renovation, and restoration within the post-industrial urban environment. Projecting a vision for renewed inhabitation through the undesirable features of waste and emptiness, the work cultivates new relationships between demolition contractors, property owners, developers, and the material waste of buildings. As drawings and models for a city yet to emerge, the bent, broken, and splintered constructions speculate upon potential alternative post-industrial territories and events.






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