An exhibition, opening simultaneously in the City and Regional Planning Gallery on campus and the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The exhibition was curated by arch i platform, Delhi, and Venhoeven CS Architecture + Urbanism, Amsterdam.

DELHI2050 is an initiative of arch i, an architecture firm based in Delhi, collaborating with Indian and Dutch experts to fundamentally rethink the future of Delhi and its surrounding region, an area of some 46 million people whose rapid economic and population growth is dramatically outstripping the area’s infrastructure, natural resources, and social institutions. Phase one of the project resulted in four physical ‘thinking’ models of future development, which toured the city on pushcarts, evoking responses from a wide range of residents. Phase two used these conversations to help develop a process not only for spatial planning at various scales (from street level to regional), but also for utilizing a robust network of researchers and designers across disciplines and borders to propose a range of possible scenarios that would serve as an alternative to the existing Delhi Master Plan.

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