David Trautrimas: Industrial Spyfrost Habitat

AAP Spring 2014 Exhibitions

David Trautrimas is a Toronto-based artist working with digital images and mixed media models. His work artfully collages/merges found objects with diverse landscapes, permitting the objects to read as architecture. His exhibition focuses selections from three projects: Industrial Parkland, The Spyfrost Project, and Habitat Machines. Each uses scale, site, and point-of-view differently.

There is a deadpan seriousness to the work. Despite employing known objects — coffee makers, electric razors, toaster ovens — they are a presented as earnest, rather than fantastical, buildings and urban views. The scaling up of these objects permits an aesthetic reappraisal and renewed appreciation of their industrial design; recalling the Bauhaus philosophy equating the design emphasis of a teapot to a work of architecture.

Trautrimas was the recipient of the Ontario College of Art and Design Printmaking Medal in 2003 and has appeared in the Canadian Art Magazine and the Casey House Art Auction. He has had several group and solo shows in Canada, including the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. His work has appeared and been reviewed in several magazines and books including ARTnewsDescant, EnRoute, The National Post, and The Globe and Mail. Trautrimas has a recent feature review on the architecture blog, Dezeen

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