Daniela di Capua: A System of Refugee Reception for Possible Integration (SPRAR): Limits and Perspectives

Cornell in Rome Spring 2018 Lecture Series

Daniela di Capua is the manager of the central service of the Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (SPRAR) at the National Association of Italian Municipalities.

SPRAR was established by the Italian Ministry of the Interior in accordance with law number 189/2002. It is coordinated and monitored by the Italian Ministry of the Interior and National Association of Italian Municipalities through the central service of SPRAR. It consists of a network of local authorities that set up and run reception projects for people forced to migrate. It draws, within the limits of available resources, upon the National Fund for Asylum Policies and Services managed by the Interior Ministry and included in state budget legislation. At the local level, local authorities, with the valued support of the third sector, guarantee an "integrated reception" that goes well beyond the mere provision of board and lodging for refugees, and includes orientation measures, legal and social assistance, as well as the development of personalized programs for the social-economic integration of individuals. SPRAR's main objective is to take responsibility for those individuals accepted into the program and to provide them with personalized assistance to help them (re)acquire self-autonomy and take part in and integrate effectively into Italian society. This includes finding employment and housing and accessing local social services and education for their children.

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