Danica Selem: Bodies Intersect Buildings: Workshop and Open Practice

Photo of people walking through hall with distorted light and pattern

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How does space shape our physical, social, and emotional behaviors? How does the environment we build shape the way we feel and interact? How does it direct our bodies? Join Cornell students from the departments of Architecture, Music, and Performing and Media Arts for a workshop and performance presenting research, findings, and approaches that investigate connections between body and space. The workshop and performance are open to all students, faculty, staff, and guests. No prior experience of any kind is necessary to participate, and attendees are welcome to join for one or both segments.

The workshop invites participants to respond to a series of prompts and sounds which expose the ways in which Rand Hall provides the groundwork for certain kinds of thought patterns, behaviors, and experiences. The workshop will be followed by an open practice, a performative intervention that will explore memory, materiality, and consequences of design as experienced through the body.

The Bodies Intersect Buildings working group brings together artists, architects, and ecologists to consider the ways in which bodies learn, transmit knowledge, carry histories, and build futures. Through publication, workshop, and performance, Bodies Intersect Buildings experiments with and iterates a wide range of body practices and asserts the body's power as a medium for learning. Bodies Intersect Buildings is convened by the School of Apocalypse, which invites a range of thinkers, artists, and scientists to present programming exploring connections between creative practice and survival.

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