Dan Swinney: The Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Story: Advanced Manufacturing + Advanced Education = Advanced Communities

Professional Planning Colloquium

Dan Swinney has 13 years experience as a machinist and union leader, and 27 years of experience in facing the challenges and advocating for the manufacturing community. He founded the Center for Labor and Community Research (CLCR) in 1982 in response to the thousands of manufacturing plant closings in the Chicago area. CLCR is a not-for-profit consulting and research organization that specializes in developing innovative and effective High Road approaches to community development, industrial job retention, workforce education, and business development.

Swinney is also serves as the executive director of the Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council—a partnership that brings together the business, labor, governmental, and community leadership of Chicago in focusing Chicago’s development strategy and capacity on High Road/High Performance manufacturing. Swinney’s interest in workforce education led him to found a new public high school in Chicago, Austin Polytechnical Academy that will prepare the next generation of leaders in high performance manufacturing and has been recognized by President Obama as a model worthy of national replication. Additionally, he is president of the Center for Polytechnical Education (CPE) that creates and assists high-performance schools and educational programs linked to advanced manufacturing. CPE will open the Chicago Academy for Advanced Technology this fall.

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