D. Medina Lasansky: Book Launch

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The Renaissance: Revised Expanded Unexpurgated, by D. Medina Lasansky, is double the length of most art publications; has 129 illustrations (many of contemporary art never before related to Renaissance monuments); pools new research from a team of experts in art, architecture, history, and literature; and is sure to forever change your ideas about the age of the Medici, which is also to say this book rejects orthodox notions of high culture and classical revival. Its heart is pledged elsewhere, to the rich, vibrant material most academics disparage — The Da Vinci Code, the Las Vegas Venetian, and other components of the Renaissance that is alive, and well and being sold in popular culture and mass tourism. This other Renaissance is of great significance whether viewed on its own or viewed alongside the Renaissance of Burckhardt, Janson, et al. Applying the bifocal approach yields brilliant insights into a wide range of issues, such as Michelangelo's homosexuality, attempts at political dissent, the development of pornography, and Italian food. As the book unfolds, it reveals the existence of a hitherto hidden Renaissance that has little to do with humanist teachings but does bear out Machiavelli's advocacy of government through fear and force. Political power is up for grabs, violence is endemic, and the slave trade flourishing.

A book launch and book signing for The Renaissance: Revised Expanded Unexpurgated, designed by Project Projects, will be held following the artist's talk by Adam Michaels's, Projects Project Portfolio.

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