Curvilinear: Sculptural Monoprints by Mark Gibian

Mark Gibian’s (B.F.A. ’90) sculpture is multimedia: abstract and evocative of natural forms. He constructs both large public commissions and private works; fabricating the work himself in order to control the entire creative process. Since leaving Ithaca and Cornell he has been living and working in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn.

Gibian recently completed  several large-scale public commissions in New York City which were designed for specific locations. He worked closely with architects and engineers in order to address a site’s needs.

Gibian built Cable-Crossing (1997) for the M.T.A.’s Brooklyn Bridge / City Hall subway station. It employs taut overlapping cables in massive steel frames to create bridgelike forms.

For the end of a new pier extending into the East River in Brooklyn, Gibian designed and built Crescendo (2008) of stainless pipe and mesh. The overhead arch (16' x 26' x 22') casts interlocking shadows on the bench section below.

The curvilinear  galvanized pipe Serpentine Structures stand directly alongside the water in the Hudson River Park’s Tribeca Segment. (2008) The largest unit in this estuary inspired grouping, Twister, measures 16’ x 28’x 18’.

Curated by Mark Gibian (B.F.A. '90) and Thresa Gibian (B.S. '93).

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