CRP Faculty Win Grants from Cornell Institute for Social Sciences

April 28, 2016

CRP's Assistant Professor Suzanne Lanyi Charles, and professors John Forester and Mildred Warner have been awarded grants from the Cornell Institute for Social Sciences (ISS). Founded in 2004, the ISS encourages collaboration among social scientists across Cornell, and distributes grants supporting research by early-career faculty, research projects by faculty teams that span social science units, and interdisciplinary projects and conferences.

Charles's research project, titled "Housing Redevelopment and the Evolution of Suburban Immigrant Communities," looks at the demolition and rebuilding of suburban single-family housing to create homes that better match households' needs, transforming the social, economic, and physical landscape of older post-war American suburbs. With a geographic focus on three Asian ethnic communities located within multi-ethnic, suburban municipalities in the Chicago area, the research project informs understanding of the immigrants' residential settlement patterns.

Forester shares an award with professors Paul Sawyer in English, and Aaron Sachs in history, for an interdisciplinary conference they are creating and hosting in May 2017 titled, "Creative Academic Writing: Exploring the Relationship between Artful Prose and Scholarly Production." Participants will consider the assumptions, conventions, and alternative possibilities of academic prose across the humanities and social sciences, and think about writing as an art and a craft rather than a means of presenting data.

"Understanding the Impact of Austerity on New York's Local Governments," a study by Warner and graduate student Yunji Kim (Ph.D. HAUD '20), investigates how local governments in New York State face fiscal stress due to economic and demographic factors, and shifts in state policy, since the Great Recession. Focus groups and a survey of all counties, cities, villages, and townships across the state will help to determine how austerity is affecting local revenue, expenditure, and the quality and quantity of critical local government services.

Other winners of the ISS awards include John Cawley, professor of policy analysis and management, and Alex Susskind, associate professor in the School of Hotel Administration; John Sipple, associate professor in development sociology, and Sharon Tennyson, professor in policy analysis and management and director of the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs; and Mallika Thomas, assistant professor in economics at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, among others.

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