The Cornell Journal of Architecture call for submissions

May 26, 2011

The editors of the Cornell Journal of Architecture are calling for submissions that will be considered for inclusion in the summer 2012 issue. The publication, produced by faculty and student editors in the Cornell Department of Architecture, is a critical journal about architecture and urbanism. The Cornell Journal of Architecture 9: Mathematics: From the Ideal to the Uncertain will consider how the emergence of uncertainty in the field of mathematics has influenced architecture. Historically, mathematics in architecture was synonymous with order, proportion, and the ideal form. Contemporary mathematics has shifted to consider the unpredictable behavior of natural phenomena. The journal will explore how architecture adapts to this revision. Assistant Professor Caroline ODonnell, faculty editor, says, The consequences of uncertainty have pervaded our culture to its core. Recovering from the initial high of fractal and random geometrical proficiency, architecture is just beginning to re-embrace the underlying issues embedded within this contemporary mathematics: unpredictability, chance, recursion, complexity, wildness, and informality. The Cornell Journal of Architecture accepts original, previously unpublished work, including drawings, images, and writing. The deadline for submission is September 1, 2011. The recently released Cornell Journal of Architecture 8: RE is available for purchase online and at select bookstores.

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