Cornell Art Faculty 2012

Every two years the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art invites members of the Department of Art to participate in a faculty exhibition featuring recent work. 

The exhibition of recent works by Cornell art faculty provides an apt opportunity to reflect on the deep relation between education and practice. The faculty is deeply involved in studio-based teaching and aims to develop students into confident and independent artists in their own right. However, the faculty themselves being accomplished artists — their praxis also offers an important example to both students and outsiders — to see how materials are manipulated, ideas are manifested, and finished works are wrought through rigorous practice.

Contemporary art encompasses various mediums, modalities, and approaches, and this exhibition offers a selection of its diversity and its intelligence. The exhibition also serves to locate the recent engagement by the various faculty members, insights that allow the viewer to see how these artists are deeply engaged in grappling with key questions facing individuals and societies today.

Iftikhar Dadi
Chair, Department of Art
April 2012

The faculty participating in the show are:

  • Michael Ashkin
  • Roberto Bertoia
  • Renate Ferro
  • Jean Locey
  • Graham McDougal
  • Elisabeth Meyer
  • Carl Ostendarp
  • Stephanie Owens
  • Gregory Page
  • Maria Park
  • Barry Perlus
  • Stan Taft
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