Convivium: the work of Keller Easterling

CONVIVIUM is a salon-style gathering intended to promote lively discourse regarding problems and topics central to the discipline of architecture.

7 – 9 p.m.

This semester, CONVIVIUM examines the question HOW IS ARCHITECTURE LOCATED? In so doing, we will explore the ways in which external conditions circumscribe the discipline, and come to bear on its
epistemological, pedagogical, and practical modalities.

SESSION 1 will feature the work of Keller Easterling, (associate professor, School of Architecture, Yale University). Using her work as a foundation, we will consider the role that global economic and political systems play in shaping and scripting the built environment. In turn, we will ask if and how such
factors shape our understanding of the role and responsibility of the architect.

01 “Zone,” Keller Easterling. (Visionary Power, NAI, 2007)
02 “The Knowledge,” Keller Easterling (C-Lab, 2008)
03 “Globalization and the Ethics of Architectural Design,” Donald McNeil (City, 2006)

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