Convivium: Music

Convivium is intended to promote lively discourse regarding problems and topics central to the discipline of architecture.


Many have taken note of the relationship between music and architecture. Goethe made the claim that “architecture is frozen music”, and certainly the two disciplines share a common parlance at times. For decades, artists, architects, and musicians have tested the ways in which sound can be spatialized, music visualized, and place translated into composition. Through presentations and performances, we will look at some examples of this work in order to examine the various ways in which these two
disciplines overlap.

Suggested Listening

01 Musical Language, Radiolab (Season 2, episode 1)

02 Poeme Electronique, Edgard Verese

03 Metastasis, Iannis Xenakis

04 Prometheus: Poem of Fire, Alexander Scriabin

05 Excerpt from Villa Medici Walk, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller (featured in the compilation “Headphones: Sound Without Space” on AAIR.FM)

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