Convivium: Architecture's pedagogical intentions

CONVIVIUM is a salon-style gathering intended to promote lively discourse regarding problems and topics central to the discipline of architecture.

7:30 – 9:30 pm
Miller-Heller House
122 Eddy Street, Collegetown

This semester, CONVIVIUM examines the question HOW IS ARCHITECTURE LOCATED? In so doing, we will explore the ways in which external conditions circumscribe the discipline, and come to bear on its epistemological, pedagogical, and practical modalities.

SESSION 2 will reconsider architecture’s pedagogical intentions in light of recent economic turmoil, shifts internal to the discipline, and outmoded institutional structures. We will begin by screening a TED talk by Liz Coleman, president of Bennington College in VT, who radically restructured the curriculum there and makes the case for a socially engaged and activist liberal arts education. Following this, we will engage in a discussion with Dagmar Richter and faculty on pedagogical models and methodologies. Our conversation will unfold into a careful and critical evaluation of learning today.

01 Studio Culture Policy (2009)
02 Redesign of Studio Culture: A Report of the AIAS Studio Culture Task Force (2002)
03 Prosthetic Theory: The Disciplining of Architecture (Mark Wigley, Assemblage, 1991)

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