Collaborative work of John Zissovici and Stan Taft exhibited in China

March 16, 2007

Collaborative work by associate professor of architecture John Zissovici and professor of art and associate dean Stan Taft was exhibited in China last November as part of the second Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Taft attended the event. The images in For Bright Field Observation: Robotic Photography, the artists wrote, are the record of the interaction between an infra-red video camera mounted on a robotic linear-motion device, a video printer linked to the video camera, and the gallery visitors who might be trying to have their picture taken. The instrumentality of the technologies appropriated from medicine (video printer), art conservation (infra-red video), and high precision manufacturing (robotic device) is as much the implicit subject of the images as the red field, or the fragmented bodies. The images were originally produced as part of a two-week installation at the Phoenix Museum of Art in the fall of 1996. Some of the images were also shown in the Hartell Gallery November 1529.

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