Clark Thenhaus and Sasa Zivkovic: Darlings in the Living Room

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Darlings in the Living Room. photo / provided

The Living Room Event Series

The Living Room is a student organization whose goal is to create a forum for critical discussion and debate about architecture today. Please join us for the third installment, "Darlings in the Living Room," with Clark Thenhaus and Sasa Zivkovic, to discuss the place of expression in architecture today.

The Darlings are a concept defined by Thenhaus at the 104th Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture conference in 2016. For Thenhaus, they are a medium through which the contemporary architect engages with common typologies. By not losing sight of such disciplinary obsessions, Thenhaus is able to deviate from the norm and engender new architectural forms and meanings. Where Thenhaus seeks to deviate, Zivkovic might be more inclined to innovate through his efforts to challenge the forms and meanings of architecture today. Zivkovic employs material and technological experimentation to press on the discipline's boundaries asking, for instance, what a 3D-printed concrete house would look like and why. Thenhaus speaks directly of his own disinterest with such innovation stating that he (and others of his ilk) are "decidedly blasé about the technology inherent in considering new expressions for the Darlings." By bringing opposing views together in the living room, we hope to challenge basic assumptions and unsettle well-worn ideas. What should architecture express? Who or what is doing the speaking? And, perhaps most importantly, to whom are they addressing themselves?

Clark Thenhaus is the founding director of the design and research office Endemic. Endemic's work has been exhibited in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Melbourne, Calgary, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Ann Arbor among other places. Thenhaus is an assistant professor of architecture at the California College of the Arts having previously taught at the University of Michigan's Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, the University of Colorado, and Otis College of Art and Design. He was educated at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sasa Zivkovic is a principal of H.A.N.N.A.H., an architecture practice based in the U.S. and Germany. In close collaboration with the high-tech building industry, the office explores the implementation of advanced construction techniques such as additive manufacturing. Zivkovic is currently an assistant professor at AAP where he directs the Robotic Construction Laboratory. He was educated at Stuttgart University and MIT.

Join us after the event to meet the presenters.

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