Chua Awarded Foreign Language Fellowship

December 9, 2006

For the second year running, Lawrence Chua, Ph.D. student in the history of architecture, was awarded a Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowship for the study of Thai in 2006–07. He also received an Einaudi Summer Travel Research Grant and a grant from the Milton L. Barnett Fellowship to research his M.A. thesis, “Ambivalent Modernity: Instabilities of the Imperial Project in the Empire Stadium at Wembley During the Early 20th Century.”

In February 2006 he presented “All Tomorrow’s Parties: The Parallel Structures and Peripheral Orbits of Rirkrit Tiravanija” to Cornell’s Southeast Asia Program Brown Bag Lecture series. Thanks to funding from the Graduate School, the Southeast Asia Program, and the Henry Detweiler Fund, the paper was also given at Sarasatr 10: Situationist Spacesconference at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

Also at Cornell, in April 2006, Chua spoke on "The White Horse and the Spotted Dog: Sports, Public Space, and Stadia" at Under Construction: Works in Progress on Architecture and the Built Environment. In April 2007 he will give a talk at the Society of Architectural Historians annual conference in Pittsburgh entitled "You Can Stick Your England Up Your Arse: Wembley Stadium and Instabilities of the British Imperial Project in the 1920s.”

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