Chronicles of the South: Architecture for the City in Colombia

Preston Thomas Memorial Symposium: Colombia Transformed

Preston Thomas Memorial Lecture Series

During the past two decades, cities in Colombia have experienced a radical process of transformation through the implementation of a wide range of initiatives of significant urban ambition and social impact.

Within this framework of transformation, "Chronicles of the South: Architecture for the City in Colombia" will reflect on the case of Bogotá and Medellín, exploring projects of various scales and remarkable importance positioned at the convergence of public policy, planning, and architecture.

The symposium will also examine the origins and trajectory of this current phenomenon, from the early works of the Taller del Espacio Público (Workshop of the Public Space) in Bogotá during the 1990s, to the more recent experiments in "social urbanism" being carried out today in Medellín.

Notwithstanding the challenges that both cities continue facing, their recent experiences offer valuable insights into the development and implementation of visionary strategies for the enhancement of the urban environment today.

Friday, October 2

Opening Reception and Exhibition: Colombia Transformed

4:30 p.m., John Hartell Gallery, Sibley Dome

Saturday, October 3

Symposium: "Chronicles of the South: Architecture for the City in Colombia"

9:30–10 a.m., breakfast, Milstein Hall dome

10 a.m.–12:30 p.m., panel session, Abby and Howard Milstein Auditorium

  • Lorenzo Castro, Lorenzo Castro Arquitectos; former director of Workshop for Public Space, Bogotá
  • Daniel Bonilla, Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos, Taller de Arquitectura de Bogotá
  • Juan Pablo Ortíz, Juan Pablo Ortíz Arquitectos, Bogotá

12:30–1:10 p.m., lunch, Milstein Hall dome

1:10–2:40 p.m., panel session, Abby and Howard Milstein Auditorium

  • Alejandro Echeverri, Loeb Fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Design; urbam EAFIT; former director of Urban Projects, Medellín
  • Orlando García, G Ateliers, Medellín and New York City

2:40–3 p.m., break, Milstein Hall dome

3–5 p.m., panel session and closing lecture, Abby and Howard Milstein Auditorium

  • Ana Elvira Vélez, Ana Elvira Vélez Arquitecta, Medellín
  • Closing Lecture: Patricio del Real, Department of Architecture and Design, The Museum of Modern Art, New York City

Organized by the Department of Architecture and Visiting Critic Julian Palacio, with assistance from Daniel Torres.

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