Christine McDonald: Steel Wool Overcoat

Abstract watercolor painting with light brown colored lines surrounding thicker horizontal lines of dark brown and grey.

Crosswaulk 3 (2021) iron oxide & water, 9" x 11.5"

These are road works, experiments with infrastructures, and the versatility of a metaphoric steel overcoat as a mode of transportation, a punctuation of landscape, and a material which transforms a people in asphaltic streams. Layers of earth and layers of bodies are interpreted and reimagined through the transitional properties of iron – as they cast off from die-cut woolen form into powder, weightless rock, and with a bit of precipitation, become ink. Coats of wool, coats of kin, coats that dance and wiggle and drive; heaving through racetracks with uncertain effort. 

All of these works were made in intimate proximity to University Avenue, a bustling two-way strip of road located to the west of Beebe Lake and just south of Fall Creek, at Cornell University. 

Steel Wool Overcoat features work from Christine McDonald (M.F.A. '22).

Masks must be worn at all times in the Experimental Gallery.

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