Christine Heindl: Inhabiting the Patterns

A geometric painting by Christine Heindl

Detail of Alphabetical Eye by Christine Heindl.

Christine Heindl (M.F.A. '94) creates paintings of patterns and layers of patterns that reflect grids of various types — from the works of Mondrian to a calendar on a fridge. Counting time, her process is a reflection of everyday living. Heindl aims to inhabit these grids. She is interested not in purity, but in life — walking, small optical events such as a light reflected on a ceiling or a leaf, interactions with strangers, moving through doorways or vestibules, the weather, and even the act of reading and writing.

Heindl began exploring these concepts first as a weaver, creating repetition and piecing together fabric. She seeks a kind of "made-ness" and comfort that an object like a quilt can bring, yet there is tension inherent in her work between the beauty and the inability to wrap oneself up in it. It is this distance that is vital to experiencing painting. Her paintings are not craft although they are emphatically decorative. Heindl seeks pleasure and considers this quest to be a political stand. With little irony and not much sentimentality either, Heindl notices the humor sometimes found in the paintings.

Heindl received her bachelor's degree from SUNY Empire State College in 1992 and an M.F.A. in painting from Cornell University in 1994. She has shown her paintings at White Columns, Clementine Gallery, Columbus Museum of Art, Jamaica Center for the Arts in Queens, and Gavlak Gallery in Palm Beach, among other places. Most recently, her work was featured in a two-person show with Alexandra Phillips at Songs for Presidents in Ridgewood, Queens, and in Archetype Writers, curated by Robert Otto Epstein at Schema Projects in Brooklyn. Heindl is the recipient of a 2001 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship and an individual artist grant in 2009 from the Joan Mitchell Foundation. She lives and works in Queens.

AAP is excited to welcome Heindl back to campus for a gallery reception and artist talk on Monday, April 10, at 5 p.m.

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