Christina Welzer: Ghost Face

Two panes of glass with a sketch on them and the text Ghost face Christina Welzer Experimental studio Tjaden Hall 2.25-3.1

Untitled (2018), lasercut on glass on a wooden lightbox base, 16" x 16" x 20".

Ghost Face aims to draw attention to the generally female practice of internalizing loud feelings for fear of being deemed hysterical. But it also hopes to suggest that there is a type of quiet power that can be harnessed through this delicate art of holding back. The show features five laser-cut drawings that are suspended between panes of glass and held over a muted, flickering light. Difficult to photograph, the pieces must be experienced in person, within the confines of the darkened gallery space. Like a spider's web caught in sunlight, the drawings are completely invisible until suddenly they aren't.

Ghost Face features work by Christina Welzer (B.F.A. '19).

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