Chris Shanks: Tree Crops and Agro-Forestry in Central American Permaculture

Chris Shanks is a permaculture specialist who focuses on whole systems design, ethno-botany, horticulture, mycology, and ecology. Shanks spends his time on design projects that focus on sustainability and providing people with better places to live. Shanks is an advocate for the rights of rural farming communities and works to help these communities through educating them in ways to improve economic security and nutritional balance in a sustainable manner. He is involved with three organizations: Project Bona Fide, Whole Systems Design LLC, and Living Systems Solutions. Project Bona Fide is a nonprofit organization that focuses on organic agriculture, community outreach, and reforestation projects in Nicaragua. Shanks leads the on-the-ground team in Nicaragua for Project Bona Fide. Whole Systems Design LLC is a company that focuses on developing landscape and infrastructure systems where Shanks serves as a chief horticulturist and as a project manager. In addition, Shanks founded Living Systems Solutions, which is based in Nicaragua.

Sponsored by Cornell University Sustainable Design.
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