Choi wins greeting card competition

October 18, 2008

Zechariah Choi (’10), a B.F.A. student in the Department of Art, has been named the winner of the third annual President's Winter Greeting Card Competition. Choi’s winning entry, which focuses on the performing art of figure skating, will be used in the design of this year’s winter greeting card.

All students in Cornell’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP) were invited to submit images for the competition. President Skorton and his wife, Professor Robin Davisson, made the final selection after an AAP faculty committee chose five finalists. As winner, Choi receives a $500 cash prize.

Choi, who found himself singing and dancing while working on the painting, stated that he enjoys observing the "movements of a beautiful figure skater" and he then transforms his "spontaneous sensations to corresponding colors on canvas."


Before I created my artwork for the competition I wanted to choose a unique and beautiful figure, instead of stereotypical images of winter. During the process of making the picture, I made several gestures of one skater through direct observation and chose the most energetic and graceful movements from among them.

Most importantly, I expressed joyful and powerful movements of a professional figure skater in order to emphasize the meaning of winter greeting card from the world-renowned Cornell University.

Musical interpretation of a wonderful figure skater motivated me to engage in more creative art projects in the future. The warm color tone in the background underlines passion and wishes for the next coming people who can make positive contributions to Cornell and to the world.

I really appreciate that President David Skorton gave me a chance to participate in this great opportunity. The experience and joy I gained from the competition was more than a million dollars in value for my artistic enrichment.

Zech Choi

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