Changing Lanes: Summer 2010 post-professional masters program at AAP NYC

June 15, 2010

The Department of Architecture recently launched its revised post-professional masters (M.Arch.2) summer-semester program. The first week of classes at AAP NYC featured a comprehensive overview of new courses by Chair Dagmar Richter, an orientation for more than 40 incoming and continuing M.Arch.2 students, a tour of the Panorama Model of Manhattan at the Queens Museum of Art with director of graduate studies Mark Morris, and an evening lecture by renowned architecture Lebbeus Woods titled “Between the Earth and the Stars.”

The degree track now starts in New York City which makes for a unique overlap of two student groups in residence this summer — one group is near completion, one is just beginning. In addition to the sequence change, this summer’s Changing Lanes theme represents a new focus for the M.Arch.2 program. Three studios led by international critics and Cornell faculty will focus on vertical spaces and deep structures. Seminars organized around urbanism, discourse, technology, and ecology research territories will all explore the abiding theme of the summer curriculum, a particular reading of the city’s z-axis and generation of a series of “Nolli sections” for Manhattan.

As the semester unfolds, the program will host nine public evening lectures starting at 6:30 p.m. at AAP NYC, 50 W. 17th Street. The events are free but seating is limited, and reservations are recommended. Contact or call (212) 497-7595 for details. The M.Arch.2 final reviews in late July will also culminate in an exhibition.

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