Chairs of Berlin: Archive of the Invisible

“We seek the absolute everywhere, and only ever find things”

– Novalis

The result of a yearlong collaboration between Stephanie DeGooyer and Maegan Magathan, Chairs of Berlin presents hundreds of snapshots of chairs taken on the streets of Berlin using disposable cameras with expired film. Arranged according to the grid of a tourist's map, these photographs are accompanied by a footnote containing personal notes (some pertaining to the collaborators’ own frustrated attempts to capture the significance of their work) and fragments from interviews conducted with artists, architects, designers, flea-market vendors and historians. Using technology on the verge of obsolescence to underscore an object with unknown provenance and an uncertain future, this project both insists on and unsettles its archival effort to trace the historicity of an everyday article. In chairs, we find a clutter of competing visions and possibilities.

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