CC: Revisits the Discussion of Early Convivium Meetings

October 15, 2014

The early years of the student group Convivium are the topic of CC:, a new book published by the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning and the Department of Architecture. CC: features a collection of essays and interviews that reflect on conversations and questions developed in Convivium events that took place from 2009 to 2011.

Convivium, formed of graduate students interested in discussing architecture, urbanism, and cultural production, hosts an ongoing series of dynamic meetings that include student-prepared presentations and collections of curated readings, visual materials, and exhibitions. Melissa Constantine (M.Arch. '11) and Kyle Jenkins (M.Arch. '11) started the group in 2008; Sophie Hochhäusl (M.A. HAUD '10, Ph.D. HAUD candidate) and Anthony Morin (M.Arch. '11) joined in 2010. Hochhäusl and Constantine are coeditors of CC:.

In her introduction, Hochhäusl writes, "CC: is an attempt to extend the conversation; it is a 'carbon copy' of a textual and spatial transcript of an original that only existed once in time. But it is also an exhortation to join the discussion, an invitation to participate and engage."

CC: organizes the materials presented in eight Convivium events into four distinct but interrelated chapters. The selections are diverse: Aaron Gensler (M.Arch. '14) and Youngjin Yi (M.Arch. '14) write an account of a day spent with Barbara Penner; Chad Randl (M.A. HPP '00, Ph.D. HAUD '14) extends the Convivium theme of architecture and desire by considering notions of domesticity and couple-hood in the American home; and Margot Lystra (M.A. HAUD '13, Ph.D. HAUD candidate) reminds readers in "The Analog Condition" to relearn how to use their bodies in an extension of group discussions on design input by users.

Says Hochhäusl, "These chapters were an effort to at least trace some of the ideas that floated around that year and to capture the spirit that informed them. In editing the chapters, I have aimed to both honor the diversity of topics and draw out particular streams of thought."

CC: contributors include Mario Carpo, the Reyner Banham Professor of Architectural History and Theory at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London; Vivian Chen (M.Arch. '12); Louie Frazier and Stephen Powell, members of the "Back-to-the-Land" movement; Gensler; Bradley Kinsey (M.Arch. '14); Ang Li and Matthew Storrie, former editors of Pidgin magazine; Lystra; Morin; Caroline O'Donnell, assistant professor and the Richard Meier Professor of Architecture; Barbara Penner, senior lecturer in architectural history at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London; Randl; and Yi.

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