Case Studies in Urban Development: London

Join architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and real estate students, faculty, and professionals from throughout the Southern Tier in exploring the promise and pitfalls of the Thames Gateway Initiative, Europe’s largest urban redevelopment project, which is transforming more than 40 miles of London’s underutilized waterfront into a series of high-density, mixed-use communities.

Andre Bideau (Cornell University), Ricky Burdett (London School of Economics), Frank Duffy (DEGW), Susan Fainstein (Harvard University), Fred Koetter (Koetter Kim & Associates), Mohsen Mostafavi (Cornell University) and Marvin Suomi (KUD International)


This is the second in a series of conferences sponsored by the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning that focus on the issues of urban regeneration and development. This conference was made possible by the generous support of Matthew L. Witte ‘79.

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