Caroline Woolard: Supply Chain Art Workshop

Caroline Woolard

Of Supply Chains is an open source text, workbook, and game for undergraduate and graduate classes of art and design that allows a wide range of choices for organizing work, compensating workers, and producing projects to become visible and open to contestation. Of Supply Chains can be used in classroom, exhibition, and workshop contexts to analyze and reimagine power relationships and support structures in the arts. It offers the vocabulary of supply chains to articulate the politics of production behind any project.

This teaching resource takes a systems approach, placing attention on all aspects of the production of a new project. Rather than enabling a singular focus on the finished project, this approach looks at sourcing materials, organizing labor, representing the project, licensing it, and recycling it. This provides discussion prompts for the whole lifecycle of projects, on topics ranging from artistic process to support systems and economies, from professional practices to ecological sustainability. Of Supply Chains slows down the production process in order to connect production and process to artistic intention.

This event is part of the 2016 Cornell Council for the Arts Biennial: Abject/Object Empathies.

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