Carmen Medeiros: Coloniality of Power and Participartory Planning in Bolivia: An Anthropological Perspective

City and Regional Planning International Planning Colloquium

Carmen Medeiros is assistant professor and faculty fellow at New York University’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. As a cultural anthropologist she specializes in the Andean Region with particular emphasis on critical development and postcolonial theories; indigenous movements; and modern discourses on race, mestizaje, and hybridity.

Her current book project examines the "development encounter" between indigenous communities, regional state authorities, policy makers, national experts working for local NGOs, and national and foreign professionals working for transnational development aid agencies as a way of discussing contrasting notions of development and citizenship in Bolivia.

Prior to teaching at NYU, Medeiros taught at the Facultades Latinoamericanas de Ciencias Sociales  in Ecuador, Trent University, Wheaton College, and the City University of New York. She has also been a consultant with Bolivian research centers, ministries, and international development agencies. Madeiros holds a doctorate in cultural anthropology from the City University of New York.

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