Carlos Barbosa: Mediating Between Film and Architecture

A graduate of Tulane University’s master of architecture program, Colombian-born Carlos Barbosa focuses his work in the field of production design. Based in Hollywood, he was nominated for an Emmy Award for the pilot of television show 24. His credits also include season eight of 24, Lost, CSI-Miami, Studio 60, Action, Coach Carter, the Invisible, and Hurricane Season, among many others. Trained as an architect, he sees production design as a vehicle to create alternative realities that, although virtual, are valid architectural creations. His work sets forth a discussion about the role of the architect and how the field might merge with other disciplines to achieve its purpose from different directions. How can architecture accommodate to suit the programmatic and formal needs of its prompt if it is a fictional reproduction of reality? Furthermore, how can the qualities of film contribute to the field of architecture, to strengthen it and maximize the potential of its every detail? Barbosa also has an active architectural practice, and has been a guest design professor and lecturer at several universities around the world, including Woodbury University in California and Tulane University in New Orleans.

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