Calvin Kim and Jon Atkinson: Chance Encounters

This exhibition, by Jon Atkinson (B.F.A. '14) and Calvin Kim (B.F.A./B.A. '15), deals with the psychological and emotional intimacy of undefined memories and the reflection of one’s own existence in relation to one’s surrounding. The paintings and prints take on a life of their own — an existence, a presence, a place, and memory — that is self-existing. Lingering in an unclear time and space, they yearn and nudge for existence.

We can never undo existence and that is what gives me comfort. Our work may struggle for existence, as artists, as humans, as life struggles for its own. This show will be a journey where viewers struggle to find, to familiarize and recall whatever it is that they may not have conceived, the unrealized dream, unknown world, unlived life. In this struggle we hope to glimpse an encounter of our own existence.

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