Caleb R. Thomas: Ithaca Murals: An Art Strategy for Justice

collage of painted walls and boxes in Ithaca

In just eight years, Ithaca has swiftly transformed from having 15 mural locations to 150. Artists are changing Ithaca's gray walls one by one into expressions of the people who live here and what we care about.  Ithaca's cultural landscape is getting a makeover to a community whose streets reflect our vast diversity of people and values.

Caleb R. Thomas is cofounder of Ithaca Murals and passionate about art as a tool for building strong social movements, relationships across difference, and communities that care about justice.

  • What are your public art ideas?
  • How would you like to be involved?

Lunch is provided. Free and open to the public.

Cosponsored by: Art Majors Organization, AAP Connect, Cornell AAP, and Organization of Urban and Regional Studies.
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