Byron Stigge: Leveling the Playing Field: Sustainable Infrastructure Planning in Developing Countries

Map of northside redevelopment green areas.

Map of northside redevelopment green areas. photo / provided

Department of City and Regional Planning Professional Planning Colloquium

Byron Stigge is a director at Level Agency for Infrastructure. Level is a for-profit, mission-driven business focused on creating urban developments which benefit urban poor in developing countries by creating economic opportunities, ecological preservation and social development through innovative technologies and infrastructure design. Stigge leads the sustainable infrastructure design, investment strategy, and implementation services at Level and is based in New York City. He has focused his design career on the study and practice of sustainable development for the built environment. He has had the opportunity to work around the world and at all scales of design from single family homes to large commercial buildings to city-scale infrastructure planning. For the past 15 years, Stigge has been designing sustainable infrastructure plans for large scale development projects predominantly in developing countries. At Level he engages on energy and climate change planning, water and wastewater management, public transportation planning, and waste management.

Stigge is on the Board of Directors of the Institute for Urban Design. He has lectured and taught at Harvard GSD, MIT, Yale University, Washington University in St. Louis, and Columbia University. He holds a undergraduate dual degree from Washington University in St. Louis in civil engineering and architecture, a master of building technology from MIT and a master of design studies in environmental planning from Harvard GSD.

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