Bruce Seifer: A Utopia to Our North? Durable Economies and Cities that Work for All

Seifer lecturing at Sustainable Communities Forum at Harvard.

Bruce Seifer lecturing at the Sustainable Communities Forum at Harvard in April, 2014. photo / provided

International Studies in Planning Fall 2014 Lecture Series

Bruce F. Seifer is an economic development consultant with more than 40 years of experience in economic development and job training. He led development efforts in Burlington, Vermont for three decades; served on numerous New England, state, and local boards; and was a founding member of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, and the Vermont Software Developers Alliance.

Seifer is currently engaged in developing and speaking at forums designed to promote sustainable economic development policies in other cities and towns across the nation and has recently published, Sustainable Communities - Creating A Durable Local Economy (Earthscan/Routledge, 2013).

The lecture will focus on the question of what is a durable economy, how is it created, and what does it take to sustain it over time? Seifer will present a framework for local sustainable economic development in a global context. The framework provides a starting point for exploration of the various influences& on a community’s economy, including locally focused, social, cultural, environmentally sustainable, political, and inclusive economy components, which taken together can lead to the formation of a durable local economy.

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